About TC Trading Finance

Tc Trading Finance  established and been in trading operation for decades with our outstanding, unique and dependable groups of brokers who have worked with many financial institution. TC Trading Finance Buy, Sell and also run a bitcoin investment program whereby giving opportunities for individual who can not trade to share in their wealth of experience with their daily to yearly profit margin. TC Trading Finance has been one of the first Prime Broker who started to provide liquidity on FX,CFD and Cryptocurrencies using trading/analytic tool and now appears as a major brokerage service provider for Forex Investors, Crypto Investors and even some other Prime Brokers.

Brokerage businesses do not stand still, strong competitors forces companies to move forward and offer Buyers, Sellers & Bitcoin investors new solutions and better conditions. If you are already in the business, we’ll show you how to expand your investment range and increase income profit rates. We are 24/7 readily available to alert you for any error that might want to occur during trading hours, and our team of anti-hacker is always on ground to protect any scam, phishing or any internet fraud. TC Trading Finance is a big multinational family with over 50 employees .

TC Trading Finance  is made up of Investment Managers, Market Traders and TC Trading Finance Advisers, established with a common goal to diversify risk and maximize positive market potential. We are unique with our independent research team, they produce sound market analysis for the sole benefit of our clients coupled with our oustanding ABTB( Auto Trading Bots ) Technology which are built and developed by in house technical team. TC Trading Finance research is based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis utilized by vastly experienced brokers in order to create and maximize a trading edge and provide the clients with a better financial result and a crude understanding of the market. Due to the current Global Economic crisis many companies in the Uk and beyond has drifted and encountered countless problems, most of which has been submerged in other to continue efficiency in business. The company has refused to be merged with a non brokerage company, therefore the company went further to increase it’s Trading asset with over £1B and also has renewed it’s Insurance. On this note users who has not activated their insurance with us is mandated to enlist in the insurance scheme in the system.This is to be able to maintain our standards and to promote efficiency and continuity in business as we grow beyond all measures.

Kindly be informed that the following Verification links from the approved Financial Instituion Authority in United Kingdom for your perusal has been deactivated due to detected theft of documents and files which might lead to impersonation, kindly visit the company support to have direct access to the files and documents upon request when necessary. List below: